Join the Staff Social committee

To grow and constantly evolve to meet the needs of our diverse staffing base, we need a selection of staff from different backgrounds, job roles and age ranges to sit on the committee and help to shape what we do.

Why join the committee?

  • Opportunity to contribute to an important function here at UWE Bristol
  • Chance to develop leadership and management skills for your CV
  • Explore and develop a different skillset which may benefit you if you decide to apply for roles elsewhere
  • Develop enterprise skills by starting something new and growing it
  • Get up to 15 hours of working time to attend to committee business and arrange Staff Social activities

What could I do?

We need support with things like:

  • Becoming more strategic, to plan and prioritise our activities better
  • Finding out what kinds of activities and events we should be offering staff 
  • Working with external companies to provide more benefits to Staff Social members
  • Discovering new ways to generate income so we can offer even more discounts to existing members

Committee members will also need to attend committee meetings, which are usually held once a month during office hours.

How do I join the committee?

The Staff Social always welcome and need new members.

You can nominate yourself or a colleague to sit on the committee. You'll just need to fill out a nomination form

Please email completed nomination forms to 

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