Staff Social committee

The Staff Social is run by staff for staff. Find out how you can support us - and how we can support you.

The Staff Social is governed by an annually elected committee and supported through the commitment and involvement of its members.

The committee is elected at an annual general meeting, usually held in the autumn and all members of the Staff Social are invited to attend.

Committee members

  • Chair: Lyn Yard, Business Support - Facilities 
  • Vice-Chair: TBC
  • Secretary: Sue Burton, Operations and Security - Facilities
  • Treasurer: Sharon Evans, Business Support - Facilities 
  • Alan Lee, IT Services 
  • Gary Edwards, Operations and Security - Facilities 
  • Colin Parsons, 3rd Age Club 
  • Alistair Cameron, Cleaning Services - Facilities
  • Maria Badman, Human Resources
  • Vivien Calway, Research Admin - RBI
  • Sue Tainton, Executive Support - Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education
  • Samantha Watts, Graduate School - RBI
  • Angela England, Children's University Co-Ordinator - Student Partnership Service 

Additionally, the University provides support to the Staff Social, with the following people currently attending committee meetings to offer their expertise:

  • Annette Blackburne, Facilities
  • Tracy Curnock, Human Resources 

The University also helps to raise awareness of the Staff Social and promote individual events and activities.

Joining the committee

Find out how to become part of the Staff Social committee.

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