Children studying at Sithobelumthetho Primary School

Project Zulu

Project Zulu is a UWE Bristol-supported charity that aids educational projects for the Madadeni Township community in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Project Zulu work

Project Zulu has two strands of work:

Township teaching

Project Zulu currently offers the opportunity for a small group of undergraduate trainee teachers at the University to spend a summer teaching within Madadeni. During their self-funded experience students live with host families and immerse themselves in the local community learning about the cultural and educational differences. Their experience enables the students to develop and share their skills, knowledge and resources with our partner schools and families.

Choir tours

Project Zulu arranges choir tours of the UK for schools within Madadeni to use traditional Zulu song and dance to raise funding for their own sustainable projects.

Summer 2013 saw a 26-strong children's choir travel to England to complete a three-week tour of the UK. Whether in sold-out concert venues, school halls, radio and TV studios or simply busking in the street these children put their all in to every performance. The result was the purchase and installation of solar panels on the roof of Sithobelumthetho Primary School in Madadeni.

The school had a need for more affordable energy – its previous electricity was intermittent, unreliable and very expensive. The solar panels have been up and running since January 2014. They have provided a reliable and consistent supply of electricity to the school and have virtually eradicated the schools electricity bill.

In 2015 Project Zulu brought another choir to the UK for a three-week tour in October/November. For more information about tour dates visit the Project Zulu website.

How you can help

Project Zulu are currently raising funds to cover all logistical costs of the 2015 tour, you can arrange your own fundraising event or donate now via their website. Every donation made to Project Zulu will make a difference to the lives and educational opportunities of the children at Sithobelumthetho Primary School. Donate now and change lives

Key supporters

Key supporters of Project Zulu include:

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