Degree Tree project

What's it all about?

Malawi woman at the degree trees plantation

In one year, the average UWE Bristol student uses a staggering 700 sheets of paper.

Working with the charity Temwa, the Degree Tree project has planted 11,000 fruit trees in Usisya, Malawi.

As well as offsetting student paper usage, these trees are transforming lives by supporting re-forestation, agricultural training, and local food production in Usisya - where most people live on less than 77 pence a day.

Plant your Degree Tree

This year, you can offset your paper usage and transform lives in Malawi by donating today to plant your very own Degree Tree.

All gifts made to the Degree Tree project will mean that trees will be planted for life. 

To find out more about how crucial this is to communities in Malawi and the impact you will make, visit Temwa's website.

Donate today and we’ll plant fruit trees in your name in Usisya and support agricultural education in Usisya that will benefit the community for years to come.

What's UWE Bristol doing to support sustainability?

The University is doing its bit to reduce paper consumption and overall energy use, too:

So far we have:

  • cut paper use by one fifth since 2008
  • introduced double-sided copying on most machines in the University
  • reduced numbers of staff printers and energy-guzzling faculty servers
  • reduced our overall CO2 emissions by 30 per cent since 2001.

Visit our sustainability pages to find out more about how we're working hard to be more sustainable.

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