Student support

We make it a priority to ensure that students, regardless of background or circumstance, have the opportunity to realise their potential and access higher education. Find out how your support can help.


Bursaries support students who are in severe financial difficulty, helping them make the most of academic opportunities regardless of unforseen financial difficulties.

Scholarships and prizes

With your help, we can support the most talented students, helping them pursue their academic ambitions and to excel whilst at UWE Bristol and beyond.

Student experience grants

This area helps enrich student life at the University, such as assisting students to get a new society off the ground or supporting a sports team to purchase much-needed kit.

Social enterprise grants

Donations to this area mean we can support the students who are setting up new ventures that make a difference to society.

Music Appeal

Your support can help students with expenses associated with developing their musical talents and outreach work when performing in care homes, schools and the wider community.

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