Hockey at the Centre for Sport



This drop-in five-a-side hockey session gives you the chance to take part in hockey in a relaxed and social environment.

Open to all abilities.


Free for Active Card and Social Sport Members

Once a member, you will receive an email with instructions on how to book a space on coached courses, drop-in sessions and leagues.

Day Time Dates
Tuesday 17:30–19:30

26/09/17 - 12/12/17

23/01/18 - 08/05/18



Small Sided Hockey Video

This video shows you how small sided hockey is played. In Hockey fives there is no padded goalie.

Important information

When signing up to a league you commit to attend each fixture; if you miss a large percentage of these fixtures (and have not contacted us with a valid reason) you may forfeit your right to book in the future.

Footwear guidelines

Please see the guidelines for acceptable footwear on the artificial pitch.

You will not be allowed to enter in unacceptable footwear.

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