Social football on the astro pitch

Halls Sport

Exclusively for all Freshers living in Halls of Residence.

If you 'opted in' to Active Card Membership with your accommodation you get access to the Social Sport Programme for free!

Freshers are welcome to take part in all other Social Sport activities as well as Halls specific sessions.

UWE Bristol Central Halls League

Your chance to earn points for your hall, in association with The Students Union Halls Life by taking part in Social Sport sessions you are in with the chance for your hall to win prizes.

If you wish to enter any Social Sport leagues please ensure you let us know which hall you are representing so we can allocate your points.

All sessions are held at the Centre for Sport.


Free for Active Card Members or

Sign up for annual Social Sport Membership

Once a member you will receive an email with instructions on how to book a space on coached courses, drop-in sessions and leagues.

Use the App!

The easiest way to book weekly drop in sessions is by using the UWE Sport App.

Session Day Time Dates
6 a side Football League Sunday 16:00 - 17:30

Term 2: Late February - Early April 2017

Important information

When signing up to a league, coached course or drop in session, you commit to attend each fixture/session; if you miss a large percentage of these fixtures/sessions (and have not contacted us with a valid reason) you may forfeit your right to book in the future.

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