Futsal in the Centre for Sport


The game of Futsal is a variant on football, with an emphasis on improvisation, creativity and technique, as well as ball control and passing in small spaces.

Futsal Drop in

Futsal is played at the Centre for Sport.


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Once a member you will receive an email with instructions on how to book a space on coached courses, drop-in sessions and leagues.

Use the App!

The easiest way to book weekly drop in sessions is by using the UWE Sport App.

Details for 2017/18 will be announced during the summer.

Important Information

When signing up to a drop-in session, you commit to attend; if you miss a large percentage of booked sessions (and have not contacted us with a valid reason) you may forfeit your right to book in the future.

Futsal referee/coach training opportunities

Are you a futsal referee or coach? Would you like to train to be one? If you are interested, please email Social Sport.

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