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Regular weekly activity schedule

View the rehearsal schedule for the Centre for Performing Arts.

For further details about singing opportunities, including dates, please view our singing opportunities page.

You can see more details about playing opportunities and dates on our playing opportunities page.

CPA regular activity weekly schedule

Day/Time Activity Room/Campus
12:3013:30 Showstoppers CPA – Rehearsal Room 1, Frenchay
17:0018:00 CPA LIVE! Students' Union Bar, Frenchay
19:0021:00 UWE Big Band Room 2E027, Frenchay
19:0021:00 Classical Guitar Group CPA Practice Room 5, Frenchay
16:0018:00 UWE Jazz CPA – Rehearsal Room 2, Frenchay
19:3021:15 Saxophone Group CPA – Rehearsal Room 1, Frenchay
19:3021:15 University Singers 2BO25 Frenchay
12:3013:30 Showstoppers Room MT2, J Block, Glenside
13:0014:00 Barbershop Quartet CPA – Rehearsal Room 1, Frenchay
14:3016:30 Musical Backstage/Technical Crews CPA Workshop, Frenchay
14:3017:30 Repertoire Lab
CPA, Frenchay
15:0016:00 Keyboard Lab
CPA – Rehearsal Room 4, Frenchay
17:0018:00 Music Tech Live! Bristol Business School Atrium, Frenchay
18:0023:00 Noise Lab (5 per semester)
18:00 - 20:00 workshop,
21:00 - 23:00 gig
The Crofter's Rights, Stokes Croft
19:0020:00 Keyboard Lab  CPA – Rehearsal Room 4, Frenchay
19:0021:00 Bristol Groove Collective Room 2E027, Frenchay
19:0021:00 Barbershop Chorus CPA – Rehearsal Room 3, Frenchay
12:3013:30 Chamber Choir CPA – Rehearsal Room 1, Frenchay
19:3021:30 Symphony Orchestra 2E027, Frenchay
19:3021:30 Revinyl Workshop CPA – Rehearsal Room 3, Frenchay

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