Fair Trade banana farm, Windward Isles

Why UWE supports Fairtrade


There are many good reasons to support the Fairtrade ethos:

  • To promote cultural, social and environmental awareness amongst staff, students and visitors – a marketplace of over 32,000 customers.
  • To encourage socially responsible choices through trade.
  • To ensure we remain one of a continually growing number of UK universities that have been awarded Fairtrade status, thereby allowing us to positively distinguish itself.
  • To recognise that UWE Bristol is a major business that can have a significant impact on the environment and on both the local and global communities.
  • To develop and underline our commitment to sustainable development, both locally and globally, in line with the United Nation's sustainable development goals.
  • To build on our links with the city of Bristol which has been designated a Fairtrade City with Bristol University, which is a Fairtrade University. We have close links with the South West Fairtrade group.

Contact the Sustainability team or The Students' Union Green Team if you have any queries.

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