Ladies selling Fairtrade tea at the market


We work hard to promote socially responsible choices to staff and students. As a large institution, we can have a big impact when we introduce initiatives of this kind which is why we encourge people to think globally and act locally. This awareness of the need for fairer resource distribution, particularly in less developed countries, is why Fairtrade is important to us.

What is Fairtrade?

The Fairtrade ethos explained.

Fairtrade facts

Facts and figures that chart the growth of the Fairtrade movement.

Why UWE Bristol?

The reasons why we are supporting Fairtrade.

UWE Fairtrade policy and progress

UWE Bristol fulfilling Fairtrade University status year on year.

UWE Fairtrade best practice

What UWE Bristol does well for a sustainable Fairtrade future.

What you can do

Play your part in making Fairtrade a success at UWE Bristol and elsewhere.

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