The lake at Frenchay Campus

Water strategy

The Water Management Plan sets the water consumption baseline in 2011/12 and benchmarks UWE Bristol’s water consumption. It sets the standard for monitoring annual water consumption and the governance structure for reporting.

Our targets

UWE Bristol is committed to:

  • A 10% total absolute reduction (over our 2011/2012 baseline) in supplied water use by the end of 2019/2020.
    This means that no matter how many buildings or students we have, we must reduce our overall water use from the supply network.
  • A 20% relative reduction (over our 2011/2012 baseline) in supplied water use by the end of 2019/2020 – based on per full-time equivalent (FTE) student numbers. This means that our buildings and services are more efficient, using less water.
  • An increase in total rainwater-harvesting capacity.

Our progress

There is an on-going programme of projects being carried out to reduce the University’s water consumption. The following are a selection from the past year:

  • Showering Research Project: In collaboration with UWE Bristol academics and Bristol Water, we are investigating water-reduction methods at the Student Village on Frenchay Campus. This is a long-term project, assessing the impact on water consumption of installing different water-saving features and behavior-change interventions.
  • Water surveys: Use of specialists to carry out surveys to inform water management strategies.
  • Sub-metering of significant water users: The astro pitch water supply is now metered, making users more aware of water use and associated costs.
  • Water sub-metering: To manage the water use of the site, we need to understand where and when it is used. There is a rolling programme, installing sub-meters across all campuses to help understand water consumption patterns in more detail. This includes water sub-meters in major water-use areas such as catering and research labs.
  • Rainwater: Investigate opportunities for rainwater/greywater recycling for new and existing buildings.
  • Low water use specification (new build and refurbishment): Ensure low-flow water fittings and waterless urinals into refurbishment and building specifications where suitable.

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