Assessment Cycle Policy

UWE has developed a new University Assessment Cycle policy for all taught provision, including collaborative provision. The policy underpins and supports how assessment and feedback form a critical aspect of the learning process.

Principles of the Assessment Cycle Policy

  • Outlines the key stages of assessment and recognises the journey from design conception, marking and moderation to enhancement/review.
  • Articulation of assessment both as part of the learning process and as the means by which academic staff form judgements about the extent to which learning outcomes are met.
  • Promotes the concept of 'assessment literacy' and how this should be developed in students.
  • Promotes and facilitates the sharing of good practice across the University through a common framework and terminology.
  • Alignment with the QAA Quality Code Chapter B3: Learning and Teaching and Chapter B6: Assessment of Students and the Recognition of Prior Learning

When is the policy applicable?

The Assessment Cycle Policy is applicable in all circumstances to all taught provision including curriculum delivered by our collaborative partners.

The policy is being phased in during 2014/15 and 2015/16, and further guidance is provided in the links below.

Guidance for students

This short film has been made for students in order to explain the Assessment Cycle Policy and the different stages of the assessment process at UWE.

Staff guidance film

This short film that has been compiled for staff explaining the internal marking processes and moderation at Stages 5 and 6 of The Assessment Cycle.

A full list of UWE policies can be found on our policies web page.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding The Assessment Cycle Policy please e-mail the Curriculum Enhancement Manager Rebecca Smith.

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